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Founded in 1970 by Rıfat Sarı as a small carpenter’s workshop in Caglayan, Cagin Office Furniture developed year by year and took steps to respond to the needs of the time and moved to a 7000 m2 factory building in 2010. Over the years, Cagin Office Furniture has rapidly developed itself in the sector with an innovative and predictable perspective and has taken its place among the important furniture brands of Turkey in the office furniture sector both in Turkey and abroad. Our main principle that brought us to where we are in this journey has been to stay loyal to the principle of creating an innovative and sustainable brand by prioritizing respect for people and nature. It is a company that produces design-oriented office furniture and turnkey projects without compromising ergonomics. In order to keep the developing needs and expectations of today’s customers at a professional and sustainable point, it serves with a project team consisting of dynamic interior architects, architects and engineers.

Office Furniture

Çağın Ofis brings quality and aesthetics together in the office furniture sector and adds a modern touch to workplaces. Whether it is an office room or a waiting area, it transforms your offices with office furniture sets suitable for all kinds of needs.

Ergonomic, comfortable and uniquely stylish design office furniture help you increase work efficiency. Preferred to complement the general concept of offices office furniture style detail is also very important in the choice. Enabling you to achieve modern, powerful and functional working standards in offices office furniture You can reach their varieties from our site. Office furniture Our designs include original design options that will add quality and richness to the office vision. Office furniture sets You can evaluate different concept options that will allow you to capture the perfect office elegance and comfort while choosing among them. Office furniture When choosing, you can always access the highest quality design options from our site and you can buy with confidence in the quality of our brand. Thanks to our wide range of products, you can find furniture options that will suit every style and environment at affordable prices.

Office Furniture Sets

Diversity from the office room to the waiting area…

Luxury and functional sets for office rooms, comfortable and durable waiting chairs for waiting areas… Çağın Ofis transforms your offices with office furniture sets suitable for every area. It offers a wide range in the selection of office furniture, making every corner of the workplace aesthetic and functional.
Office furniture set increases the overall aesthetic value of offices with its holistic design approach. Functional and comfortable office decoration ergonomic furniture sets should be preferred to design its style. We offer different concept options where you can experience the original design difference in office furniture set preference. Office design Choosing concepts that will harmonize with the overall vision style of the office will help in terms of harmony and usage performance. Office models You can evaluate our options reflecting the impeccable quality and modern design power by trusting the quality of our brand. Office desk set You can add rich style details to your office by experiencing the high quality difference with our different office furniture options. Office furniture Our varieties offer a wide range and support your office budget with advantageous price opportunities.

Office Furniture Models

Our office furniture models offer design options inspired by different concepts. Office chair You can also choose alternative design elegance with us for your different furniture needs. Among office furniture models executive teams, office work desks, meeting tables, counters, work chairs, office sofas or office coffee tables different furniture alternatives are among our product options. Office desk options, you can discover functional design details that will increase working efficiency. Office suite You can take the style of your office to the next level by exploring our different design concepts such as Future, Motto, Gold, Party, Omix or Dinomo. Office furniture Our high quality furniture options that will add value to the general atmosphere of your office are offered to you with affordable price opportunities. Office chairs you will experience the difference between comfort and artistic design in different furniture such as.

Types of Office Furniture Sets

Office furniture sets have different set options for different usage needs such as executive sets, office sets, office work or social area sets. Office furniture It can be preferred in different concepts according to the usage area and intended use of the office. We have specially designed furniture options for different areas of the office. Executive chair and sets such as tables offer functional use possibilities. Among the office furniture types, there are modern and strong design options that will adapt to the office interior architecture. Work desks has functional design details to support work efficiency. Office furniture set When choosing, you can evaluate design options according to the area of use and intended use. Office desks It offers stylish model options that emphasize comfort and functionality in terms of usage standards.

Office Models

You can give your office a contemporary atmosphere with modern office models and add an elegant touch with classic options. When choosing office furniture, there are many models that appeal to different styles and tastes.

Office Desk Set

Office desk set creates quality and comfortable usage opportunities that will increase work efficiency in offices. Functional furniture models You can catch the elegance of aesthetic design in table sets. You can find the table comfort and elegance you are looking for among our concept designs such as Wino, Deep, Line, Galaxy, Less or Party, and get quality options at affordable prices. Office sofas you can create an atmosphere that will strengthen the office vision in social areas and guest reception areas. Emphasizing integrity furniture sets you reveal holistic aesthetics in your office. Stylish and high quality types of furniture you will notice the unique design elegance and the quality difference of our brand in every detail. Classic office furniture or modern office furniture options, you can discover the best furniture options for your office.

Use your workspace in the most efficient way with many different desk set options such as work desks, office desks and meeting tables. Drawing attention with their functional features, office desk set options also add value to your office with their aesthetic designs.

The Importance of Furniture in Office Decoration

The furniture preferred in office decoration directly affects the vision of the office. The appearance of the furniture provides the first ideas about the office identity. The general decoration of the office is a factor that directly affects the performance of office workers. Choosing modern office furniture can create a more energetic and dynamic atmosphere in the office. Our company, which stands out among office furniture brands with its unique design elegance and high quality difference, offers furniture options that will transform office decoration. Office furniture Istanbul We offer digital possibilities that will allow you to easily access your options. If you are wondering where to buy office furniture, you can discover the digital conveniences and affordable price advantages offered on our site. Since the choice of office office furniture directly affects the vision and quality of the office, you should be careful when choosing.

The Importance of Office Decoration and Design

Office decoration and office design directly affect the productivity and motivation of employees. Çağın Ofis transforms your office with color, material and lighting options. With the right office interior decoration choices, you can make your workspace both functional and comfortable.

Office Decoration

With the right color choices, quality materials and effective lighting, office interior decoration can be completely renewed. Çağın Ofis provides you with consultancy with its expert staff on this subject and enables you to transform your office in the best way.

Office Design

Çağın Ofis has a unique approach to office interior architecture and design. It aims to transform every space in a functional and aesthetic way. The company, which stands out especially in open office design and modern office design, transforms your offices by combining technology and aesthetics.

Office Interior Decoration

Office interior decoration can be completely renewed with ergonomic furniture, modern designs and functional solutions. You can increase the comfort and productivity of employees with ergonomic and modern office design.

Open Office Design

The open office design encourages teamwork and provides a spacious working environment. Çağın Ofis draws attention with its office interior architecture solutions that stand out in this regard.

Design and Decoration for Special Spaces

Çağın Ofis offers functional and aesthetic solutions for special areas such as hotel design, dormitory design and hospital designs. Hospital designs prepared especially for the health sector offer ideal solutions for spaces that need to be both comfortable and functional.

Office Project

Çağın Ofis transforms your workspaces with functional and aesthetic office projects. It aims to transform every office into a place that increases the productivity of employees with its modern office models and functional office furniture.

Office Turnkey

When you want to renovate your office from start to finish, you can manage the whole process with a professional team with office turnkey services. Çağın Ofis is with you at every stage from planning to implementation, from office interior decoration to furniture selection.

Office Design Examples

Çağın Ofis has many successful office design examples in its portfolio. We offer a wide range of services from modern office design to classic designs, from open office design to private space designs.

Masko Office Furniture

Masko office furniture options are among the popular and preferred products in the market. Çağın Ofis transforms your offices with the quality and aesthetic products of Masko.

Caglayan and Izmir – Modoko Office Furniture

Regionally, Çağlayan office furniture and İzmir – Modoko office furniture options offer products in line with local trends. Çağın Ofis closely follows these regional trends and offers the most suitable solutions to its customers.

Office Product Diversity of the Era

Çağın Ofis offers a wide range of products in the office furniture sector. There are many product options from office room sets to desk sets, from counters to office sofas. You can also transform your offices in a functional and aesthetic way with products such as office cabinets, metal cabinets and office coffee tables.

Meeting Table Set

Meetings are an essential part of business. Meeting tables are critical for these meetings to take place efficiently and comfortably. Çağın Ofis responds to the needs of your workplaces with meeting table options in different sizes and designs.

Reception Desks

The counters in the reception areas create the first impression of your company. With its aesthetic and functional counter options, Çağın Ofis allows you to welcome your guests in the best way.

Office Chairs

Comfort is important during long working hours. With its ergonomic working chairs, Çağın Ofis supports employees to work comfortably and healthily.

Office Sofas

You can increase the comfort of your office with office sofas ideal for waiting areas, lobbies or relaxation areas.

Office Cabinet

An organized office means a productive working environment. With its office cabinet options, Çağın Ofis helps you store your documents and office supplies in an organized manner.

Metal Cabinets

For those in search of durability and security, metal cabinets are an ideal option. Çağın Ofis offers metal cabinet options in different sizes and designs.

Office Coffee Tables

Office coffee tables are indispensable for those who want to make small but effective touches in offices. Çağın Ofis adds elegance to your office with modern and classic office coffee table models.

Office Design Examples: Successful projects of Çağın Ofis

Çağın Ofis has realized many successful office design examples with its experience in the sector and expert staff. Offering a wide range of services from modern office models to classic designs, the company prioritizes customer satisfaction in every project.

Where to Buy Office Furniture?

You can easily choose office furniture that reflects high quality, ergonomic, comfortable and modern design elegance from our site. Complete office furniture You can aesthetically design the overall integrity of the office by choosing. Office furniture sets You can determine a stylish concept for your office by choosing among them. Staff office furniture you can also discover functional details that will increase work efficiency. It is enough to choose the products you like from our site to experience the difference of high quality and advantageous price when buying office furniture.

Office Furniture Prices

Prices of office furniture may vary according to design details and functionality elements. Masko office furniture You can buy high quality office furniture at advantageous prices by taking advantage of the opportunities. Caglayan office furniture You can take advantage of discounts and campaign opportunities by evaluating purchasing opportunities. Modoko office furniture With our services, you can easily access the best quality office furniture in your location and make choices that will strengthen your office vision. You can buy quality furniture models quickly, easily and safely from our site with affordable price advantages and budget-friendly options.