About Us

Cagin Office, which was established as a small carpentry workshop in Çağlayan by Rıfat Sari in 1970, has developed from year to year and has taken steps to meet the needs of the time and moved to a 7000 m2 factory building in 2010. It has taken its place among the important furniture brands of Turkey in the office furniture sector, such as. It is a company that produces design-oriented office furniture and turnkey projects without compromising ergonomics. In order to keep the developing needs and expectations of today’s customers at a professional and sustainable point, it serves with a project team consisting of dynamic interior architects, architects and engineers.

Production Facility

All the studies carried out by the R&D Design Center are selected from among the many designs obtained as a result of long and sensitive researches and come to the production stage. In all of our designs, a simple, modern and cost-effective planning is made by prioritizing human and nature focuses. The most suitable design product is selected among the objects created in the R&D Design Center and production begins.

The foundation date of our factory, which was founded in 2022 and will be established in a closed area of 30,000 m2 in total, is planned for the second half of 2024.
In our processes, it is to use products and services with high energy efficiency from the design stage, to develop projects to reduce energy consumption and to increase energy efficiency by researching alternative sources.

Our quality policy

> To provide the fastest service to our customers with zero error awareness,
> To anticipate the problems that may arise, to ensure that the necessary precautions are taken and to give the necessary warnings to our customers,
> All of our works are related to laws, regulations, decrees, regulations, notifications, circulars, etc. to do it in accordance with the written rules,
> To ensure the continuous improvement of our training and consultancy performance by following the technology,
> To ensure its continuity by providing training and consultancy services to our customers,
> Maintaining continuous improvement by following the developments in international trade and globalizing market data,
> To be focused on improvement, perfection and growth,
> To ensure that our employees have all the necessary qualifications.